Buy your Ticket here:

We offer three types of tickets:

  • Academics: for those that work in an academic institution as their main affiliation, and PhD students.
  • Not-For-Profit: for those that work in NGOs or social enterprises. Typically “.org” organisations.
  • For-Profit: for those that work in “.com” organisations, either as consultants, employees or advisory roles or boards.

For students or individuals without a work contract we offer a certain number of stipends. Please apply at (student: add your current enrolment proof) if you are eligible for a stipend. For every for-profit ticket sold at full price we add an additional seat for a stipend.

Not-For-Profit or Academic participants from and living in the Global South / Global Majority as well as r3.0 Advocation Partners can receive a 50% discount. Please send a message to if you’re interested in the discount.The reduced price will be only visible in the payment step (not in the form below).